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Mobile Apps



Try the CityAir App

CityAir App is developed by NILU. With CityAir App, you can report the air quality of your area to us. The app allows you to rate the air quality in your area: green if the air quality is very good, yellow if it is good, orange if it is poor and red if the air quality is very poor. You can also indicate the source of the pollution (i.e., traffic, wood burning, industry, etc.) and leave a comment.

Your contributions will help to create a citizens’ air quality map. Other users will be able to see your air quality ratings and comments in real-time. Some people are very sensitive to air pollution and your information can help them to avoid polluted areas. 

You can get CityAir app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


How to use the CityAir App?

Click here for a step-by-step user guide for CityAir app.


The SENSE-IT-NOW Smartphone Application is developed by NILU and Tecnalia. It is the user`s interface to different applications and services. It reads and displays data from different sensors by sending http requests to CITI-SENSE platform. It gives users the possibility to add subjective observations about their current environment.

The app was extended with a functionality to support the Vitoria case study. 

To participate in this project in Vitoria-Gasteiz, click here.

SENSE-IT-NOW is currently available for Android devices only and can be downloaded here.

Try the SENSE-IT-NOW App. Click here to find more information about SENSE-IT-NOW App.

Sense City Air

 Try the Sense City Air App!

The Sense City Air App is developed by UNIK and applied in the Oslo Citizens’ ObservatoryIt is  used together with the portable sensors to present air quality information to the users, and to ask users for their feedback and suggestions.

The easiest way to install the Sense City Air app is through the Google Play store (using the link below or search for Sense City Air in the play store app). The app is currently available for Android devices only.


If you are intersted in using CivicFlow, click here for more information. 


ExpoApp smartphone application for Android 

Developed by Ateknea, ExpoAPP is an Android application that communicates with the LEO sensor via bluetooth to read data and to upload them to Ateknea’s platform. In addition, the ExpoApp also collects physical activity of the users by using the accelerometer in the smartphone. The Ateknea platform then pre-processes the data before sending them to CITI-SENSE platform.


If you are interested in using this ExpoAPP, you can find more information here.


SensorLog is developed by SINTEF. It is an android app for reading Bluetooth stream from the sensor unit. 

If you are interested in using SensorLog, please click here to find more information!


SensApp Gateway

SensAPP Gateway is developed by SINTEF. It includes SensApp Anroid and SenApp web.

SensApp Android, an android smartphone application that pushes the data read by SensorLog into the SensApp web services for storage and management. 

SensApp Web services for storage and retrieval. 

The SensApp Android smartphone application provides a database shared with client applications on the android device. While the client applications can easily insert sensors and measures in the database, SensApp android maintains and uploads data to remote SensApp server instances.

SensApp Web services is composed of a set of web services that enable retrieving and storing sensor data. SensApp has a web page for sensor data management.

If you are interested in using SensApp Gateway, please click here to find more information.

Term of use

If you use our mobile app(s), please refer it to the app(s) developer(s) and their reference(s), as well as to the CITI-SENSE project as follows: The mobile app(s) was(were) partly developed by the CITI-SENSE project. CITI-SENSE is a Collaborative Project partly funded by the EU FP7-ENV-2012 under grant agreement no. 308524.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 308524.