CITI-SENSE Visualization Widgets

CITI-SENSE develop a set of reusable graphical components/widgets that could be easily configured for and deployed in various kinds of end user decision making applications and platforms (e.g., web portals, mobile). This table summarize various widgets for visualization of sensors and real-time data coming from different heterogeneous sources on maps, charts and plots in web portals and mobile devices.

Widget name   Storage platform Code link   Usage description and link
Real-time sensor value  WFS http://citisense.u-hopper.com/widgets/sensors/ jquery.sensor.statistics.js http://citisense.u-hopper.com/pilots/common/#tabs-realtime
Historical sensor values  WFS http://citisense.u-hopper.com/widgets/sensors/ jquery.sensor.statistics.js http://citisense.u-hopper.com/pilots/common/#tabs-historic
Physical activity levels map  WFS http://citisense.u-hopper.com/widgets/activities/ jquery.activities.js http://citisense.u-hopper.com/pilots/barcelona/#tabs-activity-map
Physical activity levels graphs  WFS http://citisense.u-hopper.com/widgets/activities/ jquery.activities.js http://citisense.u-hopper.com/pilots/barcelona/#tabs-activity-graph
Real time graphs  SensApp http://toolbox.citi-sense.eu/citisense.graph2.js Widget Real Time Thermal Widget Real Time Acoustic
Results Acoustic & Thermal  SensApp http://toolbox.citi-sense.eu/citisense.results.js Widget Result Thermal & Acoustic
CivicFlow Web questionnaire   WFS http://citisense.u-hopper.com/widgets/perceptions/ jquery.questionnaire.js http://citisense.u-hopper.com/pilots/schools/#tabs-questionnaire
CivicFlow Web questionnaire results  WFS http://citisense.u-hopper.com/widgets/perceptions/ jquery.questionnaire.statistics.js http://citisense.u-hopper.com/pilots/schools/#tabs-questionnaire-results

Example of Visualisation Widgets

Visualisation of data in the project is handled in a variety of ways. Here, we can see various graphs displaying data. These are created by getting data from the SensApp Platform, a database designed to contain sensor data.

Visualize Air Quality Data in Cities

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Live Wind Speed

Term of use

If you use our widget(s), please refer it to the widget(s) developer(s) and their references, as well as to the CITI-SENSE project as follows: The widget(s) was(were) partly developed by the CITI-SENSE project. CITI-SENSE is a Collaborative Project partly funded by the EU FP7-ENV-2012 under grant agreement no. 308524.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 308524.