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Personal Air Monitoring Toolkit

What is it about?

This toolkit includes three different tools that are combined to measure personal air quality in the user’s immediate surroundings

1) Mobile sensor unit (LEO – Little Environmental Observatory)

2) Android app to connect to the sensor unit and read and upload data to a server (ExpoApp)

LEO – Little Environmental Observatory

 The LEO is a portable sensor pack. It measures NO, NO2 and O3 using electrochemical sensors. It also provides information about the current temperature and relative humidity. 

ExpoApp smartphone application for Android 

ExpoAPP is a smartphone application for Android devices that communicates with the LEO sensor via bluetooth to read the data and up load it to Ateknea’s platform. In addition. ExpoApp also collects information about physical activity by using the accelerometer already in the smartphone. The Ateknea platform then preprocess the data before they are sent onwards to the CITI-SENSE platform. 




PC application for firmware update

Ateknea Sensor Tool is a desktop application for PCs that serves for firmware update. It also gives options for reading the raw data from the sensor unit, and for adding calibration values for testing visualization of data directly from the connected device, but these options are not for public use. 


How to use it?

The Personal Air Monitoring Toolkit provides an opportunity to monitor personalized levels of air pollution and their changes in time and place. The LEO sensor unit can be carried on the outside of a jacket or on a belt. The user’s android smartphone can then be paired with the sensor unit via the mobile’s Bluetooth. Once paired, the ExpoApp can be set up to read the data from the device and store it in the CITI-SENSE platform. The measurements give an indication of pollution levels and do provide information about changes, but are not directly comparable to air quality monitoring by the authorities.

Where to look for data?

The user can view data at

To check for the last measured values of all mobile sensors in a city, add filter criteria:


To follow the user’s own sensor unit, add the user id registered on the ExpoApp.

How to get it?

The package has been developed in the CITI-SENSE project, co-funded by the European Commission. Until May 2016, interested users in Barcelona, Beograd, Edinburgh, Haifa, Ljubljana, Oslo, Ostrava and Vienna can contact the project using the contact information provided in /contact-us/

Web page

After May 2016, The LEO sensor device can be purchased from Ateknea Solution 

Carrer de Víctor Pradera, 45

+34 932049922 | 

ExpoApp is available on Google Play.

Documentations, links to video tutorials, PC application download and user guides can be found here or