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Environmental Monitoring Toolkit for Public Spaces

What is it about?


The toolkit for public places is a collection of tools for monitoring environmental quality and giving feedback directly at a public place. It consists of the Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Meter, Sensor Data Storage, Sense-It-Now app and CityNoise app with a dedicated noise sensor.


Kestrel® 4000 Pocket Weather Meter

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meter is a commercial sensors unit that can measure wind speed, temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

It is connected to a smartphone with Bluetooth to read the data stream.

The SensApp android and SensorLog can be used to read the data from the sensor and store the data on the CITI-SENSE platform.


Sensor Data Storage

To read data from the Kestrel sensor and upload the data to server for storage, this toolkit provides 3 different products:

  • SensorLog, an android smartphone application for reading the Bluetooth stream from the sensor unit. 
  • SensApp Android, an android smartphone application that pushes the data read by SensorLog into the SensApp web services for storage and management. 
  • SensApp web services for storage and retrieval. 











The client can find any referenced sensor contained in the Android host system and a predefined set of Bluetooth sensors.

The SensApp Android smartphone application provides a database shared with client applications on the android device. While the client applications can easily insert sensors and measures in the database, SensApp android maintains and uploads data to remote SensApp server instances.

SensApp web services is composed of a set of web services that enable retrieving and storing sensor data. SensApp has a web page for sensor data management.


SENSE-IT-NOW is a smartphone application developed for Android devices. It provides the following options:

  • carry out online surveys
  • collect user provided information about their personal perceptions of the environmental quality by taking a photo and mark it with “Pleasant” or “Unpleasant”
  • show in real time the measurements from the Kestrel
  • calculate thermal and acoustic comfort
  • view levels of physical movement on a map




CityNoise is a smartphone application developed for android devices to detect noise in the user’s surroundings. It runs in the background but provides feedback to the SENSE-IT-NOW application when changes in the soundscape are detected. 

Based on the user feedback of the source and the perception of the detected sounds and specific questions answered in the SENSE-IT-NOW App, CityNoise will calculate an acoustic index and provide these results to SENSE-IT-NOW.



How to use it?


The user will carry a Kestrel sensor that is connected to an android smartphone with the four necessary apps and an external microphone attached. The user will start a measuring session where the user can take pictures of the surroundings, answer the survey and measure wind speed, humidity and temperature with the Kestrel sensor. When the phone detects a noise the user will be alerted and will be able to provide feedback about the perception of the sound and possible source. When the user chooses to end the measuring session all information collected will be used to calculate an acoustic and a comfort index. 


Where to look for data?


This toolkit needs to be set up as a campaign for each location, where additional visualization of data can be offered.

The SensApp web services can be used for downloading the collected data. 


How to get it?


Please contact: Itziar Aspuru

Área Sostenibilidad Urbana y Territorial/

Urban and Territorial Sustainability Area

División Energía y Medio Ambiente /

Energy and Environment Division


Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia

C/Geldo, Edificio 700

E-48160 Derio – Bizkaia (Spain)

T M 629 38 06 61

T 902 760 000*

T +34 946 430 850 (International calls)

T Div 902 760 005