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Collaboration and Synergy with GEOSS

Collaboration and Synergy with GEOSS

The GEOSS initiative enables the gathering of data on a wide spectrum of themes. For the CITI-SENSE project we supply data related to the Environment. This includes data on Noise, Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, UV Radiation, etc. 

The CITI-SENSE Architecture is developed to support a number of different sensor platforms and apps providing flexibility for dynamically introducing new technologies for collecting human or sensor based observations.



The common storage representation is based on the CITI-SENSE data model which is established as  a profile of the standardised (OGC, ISO) WFS service conformant with the GEOSS infrastructure.  Observations can be accessed and transformed to different data representations (XML, JSON, CSV, etc.) and visualised through different visualisations widgets with HTML5 being used for the portability for both web portals and apps.  Current experiments are evaluating big data scalability with respect to volume and velocity. A mapping to and representation with Linked (Open) Data in RDF is also being experimented with. Data that has been quality assured for operational use can be made available  through the GEOSS Infrastructure. 

Access to GEOSS

CITI-SENSE GEOSS Resources Registration

Here is a template which is designed to simplify the registration of CITI-SENSE products (e.g., tools, datasets, portals, Apps, etc.) in the GEOSS. You can read more about GEOSS at:

The input collected using this template will then be added to the GEOSS registry of resources, and made public available on their website. Please complete this template separately for each single tool/product&service/dataset (here refer to the underneath resource) that you want to register in the GEOSS registry. 

The form should normally take less than 10 minutes to complete. You can access the form at here.

GEOSS, Showing AirNow Data

About AirNow

Q1. AirNow Guidelines

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 308524.