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Phone Applications to Display Air Pollution in Cities

What is it about?

A centralized open source phone application for Android and iOS which visualizes air quality by using effective colour schemes. Semi-transparent overlays of pollution are generated according to Air quality index (AQI) scale (only for areas with sufficient number of measuring points per area) which is displayed as layers over Google maps. 


How to use it?

The application will be accessible from any modern device, whether from a native app or via web interface. On areas with several measuring stations, AQI heat maps of pollution will be generated. The Android and iOS app will also support portable measuring units. With the portable units, the user will get information at any location he is staying during the day. The application is designed to interpret the data from the available measuring units from the CITI-SENSE project, but it also enables inclusion of data/measurements from any amateur weather station as well as any commercially available air monitoring products (e.g. Netatmo, Cubesensors).

How to get it?

The app will be available on Google Play on June 2016 at the latest.