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Online Air Quality Perception Questionnarie

What is it about?

The CITI-SENSE Online air quality perception questionnaire is an online survey developed to allow users to describe how they see air quality issues in the nine participating cities/ locations.  

The quesionnaire can be answered by anybody anywhere, but at the moment is only meant for the participating localities. The questionnaire has three parts: participants’ personal information, specific questions on the participants’ air quality perception, and feedback from the participant. The questionnaire has also an optional part asking what information on air quality the user would like to receive. The data collected will be pushed to the CITI-SENSE platform.


How to use it?

The online perception questionnaire is available in different languages for each city that is involved. The user can answer the questionnaire on a webpage, mobile phone or tablet. 

Where to look for data?

After the local campaigns, the results will be available on the web page of each place, and in the citizens’ observatories web portal