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Citizens’ Observatories Social Media Platforms

What is about?


Citizens’ Observatories (COs) Social Media Platforms (e.g., Facebook page, LinkedIn group, Twitter account) are created as channels for communication, public participation and dissemination. They are used to provide citizens with a reliable source of air quality data, to be better informed, to be empowered, and to help citizens and stakeholders taking responsible action locally (e.g., in their own classroom, by avoiding polluted routes to work, etc.).

Currently, we have created Citizens’ Observatories (COs) Social Media Platforms at two levels, project COs level (e.g., COs central Facebook page, COs central Twitter account, COs central LinkedIn group, etc.) and location-based COs level (e.g., Ljubljana COs Facebook page, Oslo COs Facebook page, Barcelona COs Twitter account, etc.). Usually location-based Facebook pages are general – both outdoor and indoor issues are included (e.g., Ljubljana COs Facebook page). In addition, some of the local stakeholders are inspired to create their own community Facebook pages promoting their activities in the project, e.g., the high school students Facebook page from Ljubljana


How to use it?


The users can decide to follow and/or participate in any of the existing Citizens’ Observatories Social Media Platforms, as well as like, comment, share, etc., the content from such platforms. The users can also create their own social media platforms for citizens’ initiatives.