SEDS platform overview

The Spatial & Environmental Data Services (SEDS) Platform provides the core interface between data providers and data consumers.

It provides standard IT interfaces to

1) allow data providers to upload (ingest) data into a centralised and harmonised data storage and maintenance system, and 

2) data consumers to access this data via standard web interfaces

Data ingestion service

Data Providers: Ingest a range of data  whether it be portable, static, atmospheric & radon sensors or questionnaires

  • City Air
  • Ateknea (outdoor portable air monitor & accelerometry)
  • GeoTech/Aqmesh (outdoor static air monitor)
  • Atmos (indoor static air monitor)
  • Obeo (radon)
  • U-Hopper (Civic Flow s/w public perception questionnaire)

Data ingestion services can only be accessed via HTTPS protocol, which requires logon credentials to connect.

Publication service

—CSV & JSON encoding on Publication Service.